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About Us

Angelina is an experienced permanent makeup artist who is very passionate about helping her clients look and feel beautiful.

Her keen eye for artistic detail and her comprehensive understanding of the skin combined with her natural talent for helping women become the very best versions of themselves made permanent makeup a natural next step.

Following her first fundamentals in permanent makeup training, she still continues to advance her skills and every year she attends new classes and workshops from top masters around the globe.

Licensed, insured and trained, Angelina strives to deliver her clients results that make them feel gorgeous and confident every day.


For the past 10 years, permanent makeup became one of the most sought after beauty procedures. The demand for professional permanent makeup artists’ services range from beauty salons to plastic surgeons’offices. If you are thinking about becoming a permanent makeup professional, there is no better time to start this exciting and rewarding career.

At our Academy, we offer comprehensive permanent makeup training both for beginners and those artists who already had their basic training. With our practical approach, we offer a solid foundation in permanent makeup based on the extensive hands-on practice that will provide you with the skills and confidence to start your new career in the beauty industry.

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